OpenStack mini-Summit in Triangle

We have a unique opportunity to bring the brightest OpenStack, Cloud and Open Infrastructure engineers, consultants and field experts to Triangle area between February 4th - 6th 2019. Please come join us at the Red Hat Tower these days and learn the latest advancements in Open Infrastructure. We are going to have exciting speakers, talks and demos. You will have opportunity to ask any OpenStack question and with the brain power we have available I have no doubt we will get it covered.

Here are the sessions that are currently scheduled:

Red Hat OpenStack Platform in Leaf/Spine Topologies - Joe Antkowiak


Cinder - Project Update - Jay Bryant


Don’t let the speed of change keep you from deploying Openstack - Darin Sorrentino


10 Minute Lightning Talk: The Malady of Traditional Backup in Hybrid Clouds - Karl Renneker


Introduction to OpenShift Virtualization - Kevin Jones


Modeling OpenStack Deployments in oVirt - Paul Gambardello


Ansible Networking, networking-ansible and everything in between. - Dan Radez


Please don't hesitate to reach out for any questions.


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May we add content on Ceph 3.2 and the improved performance of Bluestore for Openstack VMs and S3 buckets?

Hey Sumanto,

Let me know if I can find someone that could deliver this content in the presentation.



I was unable to find anyone in the short notice to present this content. Please let me offline if your organization would like Red Hat to get you more information about it and I'll be happy to find the right people to complete this request.




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